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These factors can affect tooth implant cost:

Several factors may affect the cost of your treatment plan in Arkansas. We can share tooth implant cost information during your consultation and also provide financing information to help you better manage costs. 

With every tooth that needs to be replaced, the addition of materials will increase your cost of treatment.
If you have some degree of bone loss, you may need to undergo a bone graft before dental implants are placed.
Varying types of dental implants are priced differently. We can discuss all of your options during your consultation.
Some patients need to undergo a sinus lift before implant placement in the upper molar regions of the mouth.
Untreated gum disease may require laser gum surgery before implants, which will likely increase your total tooth implant cost.
If you have teeth that need to be extracted, your total cost of treatment will be higher than average.

Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

There are several reasons why we may recommend dental implants to replace missing teeth, including:

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We are happy to provide more tooth implant cost information and discuss some of the latest tooth replacement procedures during your personalized consultation in Arkansas. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Osborne, Dr. Curry, or Dr. Shelton today! Whether you are looking into getting dental implants, fix your receding gums, or treat periodontal disease – you can rely on Dr. Pierce Osborne, Dr. Michael Curry, and Dr. Wes Shelton. We service patients in Fayetteville, Rogers, Fort Smith, and Harrison, and the surrounding areas. Call or schedule an appointment with us today!

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