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Sedation Dentistry in Arkansas

If you are fearful about dental treatment and are reluctant to schedule your next appointment, talk with us about the benefits of sedation dentistry. We offer several treatments and services that can make your experience that much more relaxing. Our services include:

This involves taking a pill prior to treatment that helps you feel more calm and relaxed before, during, and after your appointment. We require that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

This method helps you manage moderate to severe dental anxiety with the administration of intravenous medications. You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

Also known as laughing gas, this helps to create a euphoric feeling that releases you from anxiety.

Anesthesia is administered into the gum tissue or cheek to numb the treatment area.

The Best Candidates for IV Sedation Dentistry Are Those Who:


Are fearful or anxious about going to the dentist


Have a hard time getting numb


Have very sensitive teeth


Experience a severe gag reflex


Have minimal time to complete their dental treatment plan


Are fearful of needles and shots


Have an aversion to the dental experience


Are embarrassed or anxious about their teeth

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We want you to feel comfortable during your experiences with our office. For more information about IV sedation dentistry and other relaxation dentistry techniques in Arkansas, schedule your appointment with Dr. Osborne, Dr. Curry, or Dr. Shelton today! Whether you are looking into getting dental implants, fix your receding gums, or treat periodontal disease – you can rely on Dr. Pierce Osborne, Dr. Michael Curry, and Dr. Wes Shelton. We service patients in Fayetteville, Rogers, Fort Smith, and Harrison, and the surrounding areas. Call or schedule an appointment with us today!