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Gummy Smile Correction

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Gummy Smile Correction:

In an esthetically pleasing smile, the upper lip will sit just above the top of the teeth. In a “gummy” smile, however, the smile may sit well above the top of the teeth, exposing large amounts of the gum tissue.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

If your teeth are hidden behind too much gum tissue, you have what many call a gummy smile. Dr. Pierce Osborne, Dr. Michael Curry, and Dr. Wes Shelton can help with a crown lengthening procedure. This surgery is a very effective way to minimize the gum line so that your teeth will appear larger and your smile wider and more attractive. Crown lengthening, also called a gum lift, is usually done along the whole gum line. In some cases excess tissue is only present around a few teeth and that can be addressed too.

Either way, a gummy smile is very easy to correct by reshaping the gum tissue and bone to expose more of your tooth surface. Patients who have the surgery report improved confidence and quality of life. Plus, fixing a gummy smile can also help prevent health problems. Excess tissue around the teeth can actually attract and retain the bacteria that causes gum disease. Removing the extra gum tissue will also make it easier to keep your teeth and gums clean and free of bacteria.

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Whether you are looking into getting dental implants, fix your receding gums, or treat periodontal disease – you can rely on Dr. Pierce Osborne, Dr. Michael Curry, and Dr. Wes Shelton. We service patients in Fayetteville, Rogers, Fort Smith, and Harrison, and the surrounding areas. Call or schedule an appointment with us today!

The Esthetic Crown Lengthening Procedure

Learn More About Fixing Your Gummy Smile with Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Why not let Dr. Pierce Osborne, Dr. Michael Curry, and Dr. Wes Shelton fix your gummy smile with esthetic crown lengthening in Arkansas? Call now to arrange a friendly, private consultation. Take a look at some of our before and after pictures that show you what a difference this procedure makes for people afflicted with gummy smiles.

The Innovative New Lip Stabilization Technique (LipStaT):

We are proud to offer the innovative LipStaT procedure to patients as an alternative treatment option for those with gummy smiles. This convenient procedure lowers the upper lip so that it rests above the teeth when you smile.

During your initial consultation, a thorough dental analysis of your mouth, teeth and gums will be performed. This ensures that your unique situation is thoroughly understood and observed so that we can create a complete harmony between your lip, gums and teeth.

Before the procedure begins, your doctor will use a local anesthesia to numb the area so you experience no discomfort. First, a series of careful incisions will be made to the tissue that connects your lip to your gums. These incisions are made completely within the mouth so there is no visible scaring once healing is complete. Next, a technique is performed to limit the vertical movement of your lip when smiling. The incisions are then closed with sutures. Patients typically experience mild swelling or discomfort after the procedure, which can typically be alleviated with over the counter painkillers.

Benefits of LipStaT

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